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    Module 1: Build your Visual Vocabulary

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    This is the first in my Graphic Facilitation for ELT Professionals series.

    It will teach you how to draw essential visual vocabulary to communicate clearly with your English language learners.

    The course has 12 demo videos plus reflection tasks.

    You will also receive access to the Graphic Facilitation for ELT Professionals Facebook Group, where you can share your work and receive feedback from me.

    This course has a notional time of 4 hours: one hour of video content, plus time to work on your visual dictionary and complete the reflection tasks.

  • Downloadable Resources

    Pathways to Success: Visual Tools for Goal-Setting, Self-Evaluation & Progression

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    Ready for success?

    This resource pack is stuffed with visuals tools to support:
    – Goal-setting
    – Self-evaluation
    – Progression

    Each visual template is versatile and perfect for:
    – Students
    – Teaching teams
    – Management teams
    – Yourself

    Use any time, any where. Print or draw your own. Minimal prep, maximum opportunities!

    Please DO NOT share this PDF. Copyright: EmilyBrysonELT. Each resource pack is licensed for use by one person for life.

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    Sketching Sounds: Graphic Approaches to Teaching Pronunciation

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    Power up your pronunciation teaching! Explore innovative ways to support your learners to gain success with sounds, phonics, stress and intonation. Pronunciation guru, Gemmar Archer, and I share visual templates, container activities and other graphic approaches to support learners in developing internationally intelligible speech. Notional time 2 – 3 hours. Tons of practical, minimal prep teaching ideas. Includes access to slides with printable templates and teaching notes.