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I'm Emily Bryson. I help ELT professionals to harness their super-powers, engage their audiences and stand out from the crowd.

Emily Bryson ELT sketchnote of the benefits of graphic facilitation, each point has a hand drawn icon. Fun. Revive teaching mojo. supportive. aids memory. relaxing. encourage critical thinking. aid understanding. minimise prep time. reduce processing load. clear communication. concept check. boost creativity. multisensory. copyright free images. supports literacy. = it's a superpower.
Here are just some of the ways graphic facilitation should wear a cape and fly!

Let me introduce myself.

I am an ELT author, materials writer, ESOL lecturer, teacher trainer and graphic facilitator. I have 20 years experience in ELT.

I was first introduced to graphic facilitation techniques whilst on secondment at the Scottish Refugee Council. Their training manager used lots of innovative visual tools and collaborative tasks which I’d never seen before in all my ELT training and experience. On my return to the college, I attended a training session with a graphic facilitator who showed me how to draw very simple representations of classroom items to communicate with learners. I was immediately hooked.

Since then, I’ve realised that graphic facilitation is an untapped superpower. I’ve obsessively read as many books, taken as many courses, followed as many experts on social media and studied any research papers I can find.

My classroom, training sessions, writing and even my action research mentoring have become spaces to trial new activities and techniques.

In a nutshell, it works. It’s versatile, communicative, supportive, accessible and is a simple way to amaze people.

I can help you. I’ve recently started sharing my secrets. I now offer online courses and bespoke training.

Read on to find out more and feel free to get in touch with any questions. I’d love to hear from you.

Here's what my previous course participants said:

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What will you learn?

Module 1: Build your Visual Vocabulary

Create and enhance your own visual dictionary!

Graphic Facilitation is based on using simple drawings to support communication. The icons used are a visual vocabulary. They are not art, but a visual language.

Like any other language, the more icons you can draw quickly, the easier it is to communicate.

As ELT professionals, we all know that language learning takes time and practise. This is exactly the same when it comes to learning to draw graphic facilitation icons.

This course is the first in my Graphic Facilitation for ELT series. It is the foundation stone for the next modules, where we'll take a closer look at the tools and techniques.

There are twelve drawing tutorial videos. These include:
- common ELT icons
- common verbs
- classroom objects
- people
- transport
- diversity, equity and inclusion
- connectors
- containers
- transport
- buildings
- occupations
- emotions

The final lesson gives tips on how to create your own.

Throughout the course, I've given suggestions for how you can use the icons in class. There are reflective activities to help you consider how to use them in your own teaching context too.

You can share your work and ideas with my awesome alumni and other current students in the EXCLUSIVE Facebook group. And, of course, I'll be around to give you feedback.

The best bit is that you get lifetime access to this module, so you can start, finish and review any time you want.

Module 2: Introduction to Graphic Facilitation for ELT

This is the second module in my Graphic Facilitation for ELT Professionals series.

In this module, you’ll use your visual vocabulary to create tailored, engaging and accessible teaching tools. These visuals can be reused, repurposed and drawn whenever you may need this. Reducing your prep time forever!

Lessons include: 

1. What is Graphic Facilitation?

2. Graphic Facilitation tools

3. Pens, pens, pens

4. Introduction to Visual Templates

5. Introduction to Visual Capture Sheets

6. Editing your work

7. Story Graphs

8. Grammar

9. Further reading

10. BONUS lesson! Making .gifs

11. Feedback and certificate

You will also receive exclusive access to the Graphic Facilitation for ELT Professionals Facebook Group, where you can share your work, be inspired by others and receive feedback from me.

The course has a notional time of 15-20 hours. The longer you spend creating your own visuals, the more you will get out of this course. 

I recommend completing the Build your Visual Vocabulary module before you get started on this, unless you’re already confident with drawing simple icons. 

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