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Sketchnote by Emily Bryson ELT. The visual summary contains the benefits of visual recording, illustrated with colourful doodles. The benefits include: giving 'eternal life' to webinars and events, social media 'gold', simplifying complex information, as a gift to speakers and delegates, and that it's fun, memorable and accessible.

Would you like your content to reach thousands of viewers on social media? Some of my most popular social media posts have been sketchnotes (aka visual recordings).

Why are they so popular? Well, they are are visually engaging summaries of information. They reduce processing time and add an element of fun to information. They are the perfect way to make complex information understandable and appealing. 

They also serve as lasting reminders of a talk, webinar or conference. While a teacher training session may last an hour, sketchnotes continue to share the information, and encourage people to watch the recording for a lifetime! 

I’ve also found that speakers LOVE to see their sessions as a colourful visual. Andre Hedlund described his as a beautiful ‘gift’ while Harry Waters commented that it was ‘the best feeling in the world’. 

So if you’d like to gift your conference participants with a visual summary which stands the test of time, get in touch!

You can also: 

  • Commission me to create a visual recording of one of your talks, sessions, webinars, articles, course content, etc.
  • Contract me to create some visually appealing presentation slides, graphic organisers or visual tools. 
  • Hire me to deliver training to your organisation (staff or students) on sketchnoting or graphic facilitation.
  • Join one of my courses.
Here are some of my favourite sketchnotes which I’ve created over the years. Click on them to view the image in detail. 

My sketchnote on accessible teaching tips did so well on social media, that I created a RedBubble Shop!

I figured that everyone needs an at-a-glance reminder of simple ways to be accessible. 

Why not treat yourself or your team to mouse mats, stickers, magnets or notepads to help them remember all my top tips?


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