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Are you looking for a teacher trainer who can deliver a talk, workshop, webinar or bespoke course which is interactive, creative, fun, participant focused and full of practical ideas?

Look no further! With unique graphic facilitation skills and 20 years of experience in ELT, I tick all those boxes.

Some of my key areas of expertise are:

General EFL (e.g. four skills, vocabulary, grammar), ESOL, ESOL Literacy, Life Skills (e.g. critical thinking, employability, digital), Graphic Facilitation, Sketchnoting, Visual Thinking, Graphic Organisers, Online Learning, Creating Accessible Learning Materials, Equality Diversity and Inclusion, Supporting people seeking refuge, Peer Education, Action Research, Mentoring, Initial Assessment.

I have presented at various conferences around the world. Including IATEFL, Innovate ELT, BBELT, NATECLA and Elliicon. 

Here is a selection of just some of the talks, webinars and workshops I have delivered over the years to various audiences online and face to face. You can view the recordings of some of these on my publications and media page or via my YouTube channel.

If you would like me to deliver bespoke training for your organisation, get in touch via my contact form or through the social media links below.

What My Students Have to Say

Emily's course was a great mix of practical and theoretical, with lots of shared resources for further reading and watching.
Katherine Bilsborough
Author, Writer, Teacher Trainer
Best of all was seeing the very positive responses of my students as I used sketches and drawings within the class.  I’ve begun my journey of graphic facilitation and I’m so excited about where this journey will lead me.  Don’t hesitate to join Emily’s course: you are in for a treat!
Self-portrait profile image of Catherine Lindsay, ESOL Lecturer at Clement James Centre
Catherine Lindsay
Adult Learning Tutor
Emily's course was engaging and hands-on, and the Facebook group helped create a feeling of community.
Nergiz Kern
EdTech Specialist, Independent Editor & University EAP Teacher
Emily’s course resides at the nicest corner of the internet. The participants are incredibly supportive with one another and it’s nothing but inspiration.
Annette Flavel
ELT Author
I'd say this course has a lot to offer to all. Feeling inspired will stay with you well after the final session is done. Highly recommended.
Charlotte Giller
Teacher and Teacher Trainer

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Emily Bryson - ELT Specialist: Author, Materials Writer, Teacher Trainer, Graphic Facilitator, ESOL Lecturer