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Module 2: Introduction to Graphic Facilitation for ELT

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Welcome to Module 2: Introduction to Graphic Facilitation for ELT!

This is the second module in my Graphic Facilitation for ELT professionals series.

In the first module, you built your visual vocabulary. In this module, you’ll get to create cool content and activities. We’ll look at: 

  • What is Graphic Facilitation?
  • Graphic Facilitation tools
  • Pens and markers
  • Visual Templates & Capture Sheets
  • Editing your work
  • Books and further reading

There’s also a bonus lesson on creating .GiFs! It’s been a favourite in my group programmes. 

If you haven’t completed Module 1: Build your Visual Vocabulary, I recommend you do that first. It will give you the confidence and inspiration to make the most of this module. 

To get your certificate, you’ll need to mark every lesson as complete. You can do this as you go using the ‘mark complete’ buttons.

This is the second module in a series of courses in Graphic Facilitation for ELT Professionals.  I’m working on new courses and workshops all the time! Join my mailing list, or check my social media for updates and exclusive offers.  You can do this at www.EmilyBrysonELT.com/Freebies  or on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @EmilyBrysonELT.

Hand drawn facebook logo.

I believe people learn best with tutor support. That’s why this course also offers an exclusive facebook group. Use this to share your work and ideas with other teachers, and receive personalised feedback from me. You can access the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/graphicfacilitationforelt

Facebook Group tips and rules:

  • Share your ideas, be inspired, be encouraging. Everyone loves positive feedback..
  • Only share your work.. This is a safe space. Please don’t share other people’s intellectual property inside or outside the group.
  • The group is only for participants and alumni of Emily Bryson ELT courses.

Have a great time!