Emily Bryson ELT

Module 2: Introduction to Graphic Facilitation for ELT


This is the second module in my Graphic Facilitation for ELT Professionals series.

In this module, you’ll use your visual vocabulary to create tailored, engaging and accessible teaching tools. These tools and adctivities can be reused, repurposed and drawn whenever you may need them. Reducing your prep time forever!

Lessons include:
1. What is Graphic Facilitation?
2. Graphic Facilitation Tools
3. Pens, pens, pens
4. Introduction to Visual Templates
5. Introduction to Visual Capture Sheets
6. Editing your work
7. Further reading
8. BONUS lesson! – making .gifs
9. Feedback and certificate

You will also receive exclusive access to the Graphic Facilitation for ELT Professionals Facebook Group, where you can share your work and receive feedback from me.

This course has a notional time of 15-20 hours. The longer you spend creating your own visuals, the more you will get out of the course.

I recommend completing the Build your Visual Vocabulary module before you get started on this, unless you’re already confident with drawing simple icons.


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