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Privacy Policy

I am Emily Bryson, an ELT Specialist. My website address is www.EmilyBrysonELT.com.

I respect your data and only collect what is absolutely essential for the running of this site, my course platform and for me to contact you about my services (with your permission).

This website collects the following data:


When you leave a comment on the site, the text from that comment is saved along with your IP address and information to prevent spam. Your profile picture and username are visible to other site visitors once your comment is approved. The site uses automatic spam detection to screen comments.

Linked websites

This site is hosted by WordPress and Elementor, which also collect data via this site. You can read their privacy policies here:



I use Mailerlite to manage my mailing list and send email communications. I do not share this data with anyone. You can read the Mailerlite Privacy policy here:


Embedded content

This site has some embedded content (e.g. images, articles, videos) from sites such as Vimeo & YouTube. These websites use your information in similar ways. They may collect data about you, use cookies, track your engagement and use third party tracking. You may wish to read their privacy policies too.


If you upload any images to this site, please remove any embedded location data (EXIF, GPS) beforehand. Other site users can download this information.

Contact forms

When you use the contact form on this site, I will receive an email to my email account. I will not share your contact details with anyone without your prior written permission.


My Cookie Policy can be read in full here – Cookie Policy

Data retention

If you comment on this site, your comment is saved indefinitely. You can delete your comment at any time by logging in to your WordPress account.

For users who directly register on our website (e.g. course participants), I store any personal data provided in the user account. This information can be viewed, edited or deleted via the ‘My account’ page

Your data rights

You can ask for a record of all the personal data this site holds about you, including account information and comments. If you would like me to delete this information, I can do so at your request. Some information must be retained for legal, tax and security reasons.

Contact details

Company name: Emily Bryson ELT

Business Owner and Manager: Emily Bryson

Email: [email protected]


I take data protection seriously. If you feel your personal information has been breached, please contact me via my email address or social media in the first instance and I will rectify the matter immediately. If you wish to make a complaint or seek advice, you can contact www.ico.org.uk.