Transform your Teaching: Module 2: Lesson 6: Editing your work

As with anything creative, it’s useful to be able to edit your work easily. 

This doesn’t mean buying expensive software or learning to use professional editing tools. 

EVERYTHING in my courses is aimed at ELT professionals. As such, I like to keep it simple and use software that teachers and teacher trainers probably already have and know how to use

In this video, I share some tips and tricks for editing your work using Microsoft Powerpoint. If you don’t have access to MS Powerpoint, you can access similar software such as Google Slides for free. The functions are often similar. 

Of course, this is just one way to edit your work. You could also use professional software such as Adobe Photoshop, though this is expensive and can take years to master. There are now lots of online tools which provide graphic design and editing solutions. You may wish to have a play around with Canva or VistaCreate for example.

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