Transform your Teaching: Module 1: Lesson 12: Diversity, equity and inclusion

As ELT professionals, we work with people from all over the world. Everyone is different and as such we need our classes to reflect the realities of those we teach. In this video we explore simple ways to draw a diverse range of characters.

In these videos, I’ve mostly used black pens on white paper. I do this as I expect most teachers to be drawing these icons quickly on a whiteboard, or using a visualiser or flipchart. Of course, if you are pre-drawing these you could add colour.

To reflect a diverse range of skin colours, I recommend investing in skin tone markers. Windsor and Newton have a great set of skin tone Promarkers which can be used with paper or flipcharts (not whiteboards). This will allow you to draw visuals which reflect your class group.

Use these icons to make your students feel included or to set the scene for discussions around diversity, equity and inclusion.

As always, think about how you might use them in class and which additional icons you’d like to add to your visual dictionary. Use the notes function or share your ideas and work in the Facebook Group:

Diversity, equity and inclusion.

Here’s an image with all the icons from the video, if you prefer to figure out how to draw them yourself.