Transform your Teaching: Module 1: Lesson 11: Occupations

One of the main reasons English language learners want to learn English is to further their careers. In this lesson, I’ll demonstrate how to draw some common occupations.

Many of these can have multiple purposes. For example, the person sitting at a desk could be a student or represent various job roles.

You could use these to:

  • teach occupations vocabulary
  • help students think about their career goals
  • talk about jobs they (or their friends/family) did in the past, or ‘used to’ do.
  • create a story using a few of these icons as characters
  • set the scene for a lesson on accidents, health, food, a lost parcel, etc.

What other ways would you use them in class? Use the notes function below, or share your ideas in the Facebook Group:

Remember to make a list of any additional icons you’d like to learn how to draw. Learn to draw them and add them to your visual dictionary.

Here’s a quick summary of the icons in the video. Use this or the video to copy the icons to your visual dictionary.