Transform your Teaching: Module 1: Lesson 10: Transport

Transport is a common lexical topic in ELT. You can use these icons to teach transport vocabulary. You could also use them to set the scene for other topics. For example:

  • an ambulance could set the scene for a discussion on accidents or health
  • a campervan or airplane could activate schemata on holidays
  • a bus, train or car could get students thinking about local travel

You could also use these as containers in a graphic organiser or visual template. If you plan to do this, simply draw the outline without adding the windows. You can explore graphic organisers and visual templates more in my other modules, courses and workshops. Sign up to my mailing list or follow my social media channels for updates and special offers. 

Practise drawing the icons. Use the video or the image to help you. Add the new visual vocabulary to your dictionary. 

How would you use these in class? Are there any other types or transport you’d like to draw? Make a list and add them to your visual dictionary.

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