Transform your Teaching: Module 1: Lesson 9: Buildings

Buildings are excellent for context setting. You can also use them for containers in graphic organisers, notes or visual templates. 

Practise drawing the icons in this video or copy the image.

The large image with stairs is a vague approximation of the college where I work. If you search for City of Glasgow College, you will see that my image isn’t 100% accurate. That’s ok. It expresses the general idea and communicates that the building is tiered next to a large set of stairs.

The key to simple drawings is to capture the overall essence of what you want to communicate. You’ll notice various ways to draw windows here. In their simplest form, they are lines, ‘L’ shapes or squares.

What buildings would you draw often? Look at a photo online and copy the outline. Express the main points.

What concepts or lesson ideas might you introduce with these buildings?

Here are some simple ways to draw buildings. Copy them from this image or use the video to help you.

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