Transform your Teaching: Module 1: And finally… Draw It Yourself – Draw your own icons

I hope you have enjoyed the first module in my Graphic Facilitation for English Language Teachers series. We have worked on developing your visual vocabulary. Once you have gained confidence with quickly drawing simple icons, you’ll be able to use them whenever you want.

Of course, I can’t show you how to draw EVERYTHING. I have simply taught you some high frequency icons. Now it’s over to you.

Throughout the course, I asked you to create a list of icons you’d like to be able to draw. When looking for inspiration, it can be helpful to search online for icons.

Search for what you’d like to be able to draw + ‘icon’. Graphic Facilitation is about using simple icons to communicate visually. It’s much simpler to copy an icon than a clipart, cartoon or photo.

You could also look for ideas on these websites:

I’m a firm believer in setting goals. Set yourself a realistic target for how many new icons you’d like to learn each week. For example, try to draw one item from your icon list every day.

If you’re out of ideas, follow #DrawingELT on Twitter for inspiration, look at lists of vocabulary in a course you are teaching, or think of a visual you’d like to draw for an upcoming training session. I keep a note of things I plan to draw and work through it when I get the time.

Keep up the excellent drawing!

Remember to take a moment to share your thoughts, ideas and work in the Facebook Group: