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Webinar: Teaching Tracks & Drawing Hacks:
An all singing, all doodling webinar of delights!

On Monday 23rd of January, Chris Walklett and I will be joining forces to share fun ways to use music and drawing in the English Language classroom. 

If you’re a creative teacher looking for innovative ways to bring your classroom to life, this is the session for you! 

Chris Walklett has been using songs, singing and music in the classroom for years. His website, Teaching Tracks, is full of ideas and the perfect songs to engage your learners. 

We’ll explore ways to activate the superpower of drawing and use the power of songs in your classroom. 

In this session, we’ll share our activity ideas, favourite classroom tracks and show you how to bring them to life with doodles.  

It is guaranteed to brighten your January and bring smiles to your classroom. 

For just £27, you’ll get: 

– 90 minutes of inspiration

– 50 years of ELT experience

– lifetime access to the recording

– free lesson activities 


If you can’t make the live session, don’t worry. We’ll send you the recording!


This session will become a mini-course hosted on my site, which you can purchase for £37 after 23rd Jan. Get it at the discounted rate while you still can! 

Chris Walklett ELT. Profile photo.

Chris Walklett has been teaching ELT/EFL since the mid-1990s. He’s used songs extensively in his lessons since then! He  has extensive teacher training experience and currently lectures in British History and Culture at a top UK university. He often facilitates workshops and gives talks in the UK and internationally. You can find more about him here: https://www.teachingtracks.co.uk/meet-the-author/

You may also enjoy his Facebook group, Creating uses for songs and song lyrics in EFL. 

Flipchart and webcam Emily Bryson ELT

I am Emily Bryson. I have over 20 years experience in English Language Teaching. I have written five ELT books, including two student’s books for the National Geographic Learning Voices Series. As a graphic facilitator, I am dedicated to making learning more accessible, engaging and fun. To find out more about me, check out my webinar recordings, videos and podcasts on my publications and media page

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