Transform your Teaching: Module 2: Feedback and Certificate

That’s it for this module! Well done! I hope you have feel you have a stronger understanding of graphic facilitation, and how to apply it to your ELT context. Keep up the good work!

Remember you can access the Facebook Group to share your work and be inspired by others any time you want! 

I want to make this course as fantastic as possible. Please take some time to complete the feedback form:

If you’d like to draw your own version of the feedback fairy, I’d love to see it! You can complete it with feedback from these modules and send it to me via social media or email. It doesn’t need to be a fairy. It can be anything you like. 


Feedback Fairy. Visual Capture Sheet. Graphic Facilitation for ELT. A visual tool for capturing feedback.

To get your certificate, just make sure each lesson is marked as ‘complete’, then your certificate will appear in the main menu for this course. You’ll need to complete both modules first. 


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