Transform your Teaching: Module 1: Lesson 1: The visual alphabet

Drawings are a visual vocabulary. In order to draw, you need to learn the drawing alphabet. This consists of simple shapes.

Many people believe that they can’t draw, but if you can create simple shapes such as a line, a dot, a swirl, a triangle, a square and a circle, you will be able to draw.

Think about the alphabet in English: 

M = two lines and part of a triangle. 

O = a circle. 

e = a swirl.

If you can write the alphabet in English then you can draw!

Watch the video and copy the visual alphabet to your visual dictionary. Practise on scrap paper first if you wish.

If you prefer simply to copy the visual alphabet, here’s the image to copy:

the visual alphabet.

You can take notes throughout this course using the ‘Notes’ function – the blue button at the bottom of this page. You can download these any time. 

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