Transform your Teaching: Module 1: Lesson 2: ELT specific icons

When you learn a new language, you’ll most likely prioritise learning the words and phrases that you need. For example, you might learn words such as ‘hotel’ or ‘bus’ if you are visiting another country on holiday.

Likewise, when teaching, you’ll probably select high frequency words to teach your learners. This is the same when it comes to building your visual vocabulary. You’ll want to prioritise learning to draw words and phrases that you will use often.

In English language teaching, there are some important words to learn. For example, reading, writing, speaking and listening are core to what we do.

This video explores how to draw essential icons for ELT professionals. Learning these will help you express these concepts visually.

Simple hand drawn icons: ELT specific icons
ELT specific icons

What other icons would you like to draw?

Make a list for your visual dictionary. You can use the ‘notes’ function then download the word document. Practise drawing the icons you need and add them to your dictionary when you’re ready.

You’ll find tips for drawing your own icons in the final lesson of this course – ‘DIY: Draw it Yourself’. Skip to that lesson any time.

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