Emily Bryson ELT

Module 1: Build your Visual Vocabulary

Create and enhance your own visual dictionary!

Graphic Facilitation is based on using simple drawings to support communication. The icons used are a visual vocabulary.

They are not art. They’re part of a visual language.

Like any other language, the more icons you can draw quickly, the easier it is to communicate.

As ELT professionals, we all know that language learning takes time and practise. This is exactly the same when it comes to learning to draw graphic facilitation icons.

This course is the first in my Graphic Facilitation for ELT series. It is the foundation stone for the next modules, where we’ll take a closer look at the tools and techniques.

There are twelve drawing tutorial videos. These include:
– common ELT icons
– common verbs
– classroom objects
– people
– transport
– diversity, equity and inclusion
– connectors
– containers
– transport
– buildings
– occupations
– emotions

The final lesson gives tips on how to create your own.

Throughout the course, I’ve given suggestions for how you can use the icons in class. There are reflective activities to help you consider how to use them in your own teaching context too.

You can share your work and ideas with my awesome alumni and other current students in the EXCLUSIVE Facebook group. And, of course, I’ll be around to give you feedback via emails or socials whenever you need me. You can also add 1-2-1 coaching whenever you like.

For just £76, you’ll get lifetime access to this module, so you can start, finish and review any time you want.

Here’s a sneak peek at lesson 1!

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